Corporate Travel Management

Travel Solutions that does not
break your pocket

Corporate Travel Program Need last-minute airline tickets? Often plan complicated business team-building events? With our corporate travel services, you won’t have to worry because our travel professionals are experienced at taking care of the smallest details. We help you avoid trouble with airport security or airline ticket regulations. We plan your event to and provide other services that in the end create a lasting impression. We are ready to solve any travel need. In fact, our travel consultants are available around the clock to handle the following domestic, as well as global travel services: 

  • All airline, hotel, car rental and rail.
  • Airport parking and ground transportation.
  • Meeting and event management and registration
  • Changes in flight arrangements or baggage problems
  • Passport and visa help and assistance with travel warnings
  • Well organized events
  • Accommodation

With FLYLINKS Corporate Travel Management, we will take care of the details of your business travel

What you need to know

We get you the Best Price

A major part of our corporate management travel involves finding the best possible rates, and even negotiating with a number of different service providers on your behalf.
We have the adequate expertise in handling the task of negotiation since they deal with different parts of the travel industry on a day-to-day basis. 

We arrange for Transportation

One of the biggest parts of travel planning is transportation. This can easily be handled by a Flylinks Travel agent, who will arrange your transportation needs in advance. We will ensure your flights are booked, a rental car is organised, airport transfer is arranged, and train tickets are purchased. 

Manage Travel Itineraries

If you book your flights directly with an airline or use an online ticket service, it’s likely you’ll get charged high fees for any changes you wish to make to your itinerary. Schedule changes are difficult to avoid in the world of business, but in order not to get penalised, you should engage Flylinks Travel agents to make the necessary changes without any extra charges.

By leaving all your business travel plans in our hands, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong during your business trip. 

Arrange Suitable Accommodation

Arranging the most suitable accommodation for business travellers is another key responsibility for Flylinks Travel and Tour. We looks for all the available options at the right price, including guest houses, hostels, and hotels, before booking the rooms for the required number of days and employees.

If you were to take care of this task yourself, you wouldn’t have enough time to look for inexpensive accommodation in the right location. This is where a Flylinks agent comes handy for finding the best accommodation without going over budget.